Expert Window & Gutter Cleaning in Kamloops

We Take Care of Your Panes.

Small Home

Exterior: from $95.00
Interior  + Exterior:
from $185.00

Medium Home

Exterior: from $135.00
Interior  + Exterior:
from $265.00

Large Home

Exterior: from $195.00
Interior  + Exterior:
from $385.00

Established since 1992 in Kamloops, we offer quality window and gutter cleaning services with unmatched expertise. Request your estimate today.

Once we have agreed on the cost, we will make it as easy as possible.
You don’t have to be there, we will come, do the work, and either email or leave you an invoice.

When you call 250-851-0321 or email info@seethruwindows.ca to schedule work,
please leave a message and make sure to leave your name, address, phone number and what work it is you’d like done.

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